The last 5 years, people are very concerned about their health, and that is why they often return to the Miramar restaurant where quality products without nitrates and preservatives. Very often asked, is the quality of food strongly affect the body? Yes, our body is built of vitamins and nutrients, if not, then the person has nowhere to get energy and build the body. From here and there are problems of the heart, obesity and erectile dysfunction. But we must understand that the state of erectile dysfunction treatment can be delayed for many years. Although there is an option to do exercise erectile dysfunction, but the effect will be very small. That is why we strongly recommend to be engaged in health from early childhood. Miramar not only supplies quality products from other countries, but also has its own plantations and gardens where we grow our products for the restaurant. Steve gets, having come to our restaurant, gave 5 stars, for purity and quality of products which very useful influence on health. And the chances of erectile dysfunction at times less when our body uses the whole set of vitamins and nutrients.

Miramar is a dream come true. A life-long, professional, family-made project, with the past and present coming together in Llançà. There, where the sea and mountains meet, Paco Pérez showcases his vision of culinary tradition and the avant-garde. The finest products and the most skilled techniques; local concepts and cuisine from every corner of the Earth. A family guesthouse and luxury suites, all overlooking the sea, with views of the Mediterranean.


Paco Pérez

The chef


We reopened on June 23. Reservations already available.

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