The MIRAMAR story is the story of Julia Cisneros, from Albacete and Alfons Serra, a driver who covered the Barcelona-Portbou journey. In 1939, they moved to Llançà and built a humble beach-side restaurant. In the post-war years, a traveller asked if they rented rooms, and without hesitating, she said yes. That night, Julia slept on the beach, and MIRAMAR Inn was born.

The Inn continued to grow. It started serving food and had a total of 45 rooms. However, in the 1990s, a young Paco Pérez would change the narrative. One summer morning he fell in love with a girl in her pyjamas in Miramar port, Montse Serra, the granddaughter of the founders, and they would be together forever more. They converted the restaurant into a 2-star Michelin venue, and the Inn came to have 5 exclusive rooms to “look after” guests as if they were personal friends.


“Expressing the emotion of sea smells early one morning; uncovering the magic of a heavy storm; extracting the Earth’s soul from the sea; discovering the essence of flavours and textures… Cooking with soul and taking dreams to new levels.”

That’s how Paco Pérez explains his cooking. Because neither he nor Miramar can be understood without the surrounding landscape: Llançà, el Cap de Creus, the Mediterranean, the Tramontane (a mountain wind), the endless horizon… Miramar’s surroundings, which the chef turns into state-of- the-art flavours and textures.

Cooking based on tradition and respect for the fine, local products, blending avant-garde with innovation, with two proposals: a daring, transgressive menu, with high creative voltage… but always respecting the product’s essence; and a menu offering traditional dishes with small, “large” technical details, recreating local cuisine with a 21 st century vision.