Paco Pérez opens season in Miramar with his ‘Ideas 2019’

Paco Pérez opens season in Miramar with his 'Ideas 2019'

The Catalan chef who accumulates more Michelin stars reopens his restaurant in Llançà and prepares new national and international openings

Paco Pérez (5 * Michelin) opens season at its flagship restaurant, Miramar (Llançà, Girona), with a tasting menu that receives the title of Ideas 2019. Starting from a sea of ​​ideas, which in essence are a shared dream, these are born -initially- 26 proposals. The chef has turned each of the concepts into an experience, trying to surprise the diner with each of the dishes. Even so, in this new proposal, the foundations of avant-garde haute cuisine that has given it two Michelin stars in Miramar, shaped by the Empordà landscape (the orchard and the sea) are still very present.

“All part of the ideas and we will play with phrases and concepts that, like ideas, are transformed,” says the Catalan chef, who considers that his proposals increasingly start more “from the inside and from a state of mind”. A kitchen that, both he and his team, led by Luis Alonso, serves to express themselves “in an artistic way, reflecting in each proposal -and idea- how we are and how we think”.
Other ways to taste Miramar

In addition to the tasting menu, which is modified weekly with nuances of each season, Miramar’s gastronomic offer also features the Tradition Menu, a condensed summary of the philosophy and history of Paco Pérez for customers who want a shorter proposal ( they are 11 steps), and that incorporates dishes from other seasons.

You can also opt for the menu, with 15 classic references, among which the famous rice dishes stand out, the best proposals of the sea reinterpreted, traditional and avant-garde snacks and traditional Iberian and Catalan products.

Disconnect in Miramar Rooms

Miramar is a restaurant with rooms. With five exclusive luxury suites, Miramar Rooms is the clear representation of a unique experience for those travelers who want to enjoy the Empordà with the five senses: the smell of salt, the murmur of the water, the colors of the sunset and all the flavors of the Catalan chef’s kitchen. In this way, these rooms become the perfect complement to a unique gastronomic experience.

About Paco Pérez

Paco Pérez (Huelva, 1962) grew up and has lived all his life in Llançà (Girona), on the Costa Brava, a few kilometers from France. There he met his wife, Montse Serra, and together they converted the hostel of her parents (Miramar), into one of the most valued avant-garde cuisine restaurants in the culinary universe. Currently, he is the Catalan chef with the most Michelin stars (5). He runs the Enoteca restaurant at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona (** Michelin) and the restaurant Cinco at the Das Stue hotel in Berlin (* Michelin). He also leads the gastronomic proposal of the Tast Català restaurant, premiered in 2018 in Manchester. For this 2019, the chef is already preparing new national and international openings.


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