Paco Pérez presents his first book dedicated to home cooking

Paco Pérez presents his first book dedicated to home cooking

Paco Pérez presents his first book dedicated to home cooking. His intention is not only to reveal the secrets of his daily recipes, but to achieve the definitive reconciliation with the stoves. It is about losing fear of fire, whether gas, coal, wood, in vitro or induction.

The chef of the Miramar invites us to cook in the most classic way, but applying the knowledge acquired throughout his career, in which the technique, precision, control of and knowledge of each product are key.

Paco Pérez is committed to seasonal products and recommends that everyone approach the nearest market and try to cook with what their landscape, their farmers and the nature that surrounds them. In short, it proposes to cook as our mothers and grandmothers did, in casseroles, casseroles, cassoles …, in eternal cocottes, beautiful and bright colors, to take food from the garden to the table, with warmth and warmth of home.

With photographs by Francesc Guillamet, one of the most prestigious gastronomy photographers in the world. Prologued by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz restaurant (** Michelin and nº 9 in the world on the 50 Best list).

Paco Pérez at Restaurant Miramar (Francesc Guillamet)

Paco Pérez at Restaurant Miramar (Francesc Guillamet)


What is a cocotte? A cocotte is a jewel made by someone capable of converting cast iron into precious metal. Pure craftsmanship, goldsmithing. Cooking in cocotte is doing it in the most classic and beautiful way. The colors do not matter for what is cooked, but they do brighten the view of the person who cooks.

The book of the cocotte is a modern vindication of the classic kitchen; but beware, not from intuition or from petulant modernity or from empty and mannerist aesthetics, but from the precision that the technique allows, the control of the source of heat and the knowledge of each product. Casserole cooking is a technique with a long future based on tradition, in the past, on the principle of Humanity. The cocotte is a postmodern utensil, since it adds current concepts such as diet, health, tradition, evolution, knowledge and, above all, sharing the table with friends, family, couple.

Here it is cooked together and stirred, as in the traditional kitchen, without assemblies or asides. Here it is served from where it is cooked; it is saved and heated again.

This book is a vindication to continue cooking at home.

«This is our way of understanding a way of feeling, of using memory, but also letting yourself be guided by intuition, cooking at home, for yourself, for friends, family or strangers, but, above all, finding yourself same through a culture as old and as recent as cooking.»

If you want more information about the book click on this link.


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