Paco Pérez is one of the leading practitioners of state-of- the-art 21 st century cuisine, while also being a shy and reserved kitchen worker. He was born in Huelva, but has been in Llançà, in Empordà, since the age of six months. He wanted to become a footballer, but his fascination with cooking eventually won the day (as a child, he managed to “invent” a pizza baking it under the sun). Aged twelve, he started to work in his family’s tapas bar, and this gave rise to his true passion. He combined his studies with working in different restaurants and finished his training with Michel Guèrard, the father of “nouvelle cuisine”.


In 1984, love bound him forever to Llançà. He married Montse Serra, who along with her family owned Miramar, a simple guesthouse with a restaurant next to the beach. Together, in absolute synergy, they turned the place into a pilgrimage for foodies from around the world. A contemporary, avant-garde restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, which from 2016, has five exclusive rooms to complete an unforgettable experience.
Paco Pérez also manages the culinary offer at the Enoteca in Hotel Arts (2 Michelin stars), Cinc at the Hotel Das Stue in Berlín (1 Michelin star), L’EGGSTast en Manchester, La Royale and Bao bar. However, Llançà and Miramar remain his home port.